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Plot for sale in Begur? You might be about to buy a property, either a plot or a house for sale on the Costa Brava. When it comes to purchasing exclusive luxury properties, every real estate agency on the Costa Brava we know is being run by professionals. Therefore you shouldn´t mistrust anyone here in this business.

However, there are technical factors beyond your realtor´s obligations that are important to take into account. We quite often meet customers who after having purchased a piece of ground have found out that the plot for sale they just bought doesn´t comply with the requisites needed in order to build or renovate a house there the way they dreamt of.

Knowing this, we think that you will find the following text interesting..


If choosing the right architect may sometimes become a risk-taking activity when you have no reference to hold on to, how about buying real estate?

When purchasing a piece of land, a villa for sale in Begur or any other spot, in need of renovation or being subject to addition, you´re not only buying the possible dream of a whole life, but also a property which possibilities depend on different factors you would definitely like to be aware of before going ahead.

Every property is submitted to a whole range of city-planning and environmental regulations issued by the municipality where the real estate good is located. Sometimes, even properties located in critical areas of environmental interest are submitted to regulation issued by public admimistration departments above councils themselves.

Such restrictions might make your plans just impossible on that very idylic spot you just found. It´s definitely better to know the sooner the better.

Therefore we would always encourage you Mr. Reader to seek the help of an architect that finds out such details for you as a third party with no further interest, beyond the sellers themselves and their realtor.

Furthermore, it´s often quite difficult for the average individual who´s not into architecture to picture the possibilities of a piece of land or an old villa just at first sight. Let´s say, we architects usually can find inspiration on the sights, orientation, slope-gradient and other features of that plot you´d like so much to buy which possibilities you have trouble to figure out.

We at VelezCarrascoArquitecto offer our customers such services on a reasonable fee basis. Use and abuse our knowledge and capacitiy for inspiration, you´ll carry out purchase on a safer basis. 

Remember, your architect is the first one interested in working in crystal clear conditions. Surprises in the real estate have a tendency to cost money.

You might be looking right now for a plot, villa, or any other kind of exclusive, luxury property for sale. When purchasing land you need to know all facts upfront. Our advice: get someone pay a visit at the council where the property is located. For futher information, don´t doubt it, contact us.


Our Architecture. Our manifesto.

Our Architecture. Our manifesto.

So why do we do the things we do the way we do them?

Interior Design. Your Space, not ours.

Interior Design. Your Space, not ours.

Because it HAS to be nice, but also YOURS, right?

Property Acquisition Consultant.

Property Acquisition Consultant.

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