THE UNEXPECTED Bespoke luxury home Sa Riera, Begur



Project: MAGNA DOMUS in Platja de Sa Riera, Begur, Girona, a 400 sqm total floor area villa built in exposed concrete, glass and hardwood.

Here it is. Our 2019 bespoke luxury home in Begur.The result of combining the client´s request to live on a one same level house, extract the maximum light and warmth out of the plot´s south orientation without the sun overheating the inside space, protect the house from the north winds while having full views from the sea, which are... on the north side of plot!

Once again, a house where design has been given to us throughout the client´s requests and the plot´s possibilities. We really didn´t have any preconceived idea when we faced this assignment. It´s a good thing, starting from a blank paper... and state of mind.


MAGNA DOMUS´s owner had previously had a villa in Begur. Even though the location would provide breathtaking views over the Mediterranean sea, the beach of Pals and the Medes Islands, it had a minus point that grew in time to the point of views not being able to compensate for it: the villa was 100% North orientated. That means no direct sun on the house, and, on the Costa Brava, complete exposure to cold, heavy winds coming from the Pyrenees mountains.

Despair got to such point that our client decided to sell his beautiful villa, and start all over again. This time, buying a plot where views were (if still important), not the only crucial factor to look for.

Client and us together found the perfect location.  A plot that had it all. Views over the sea (North), plus an immense facade, South orientated to the old villa of Begur.

Oh boy, sometimes it is difficult, working on the perfect spot. We had to provide and architecture that had views over the sea on the North. But we should also keep the house protected from the winds, having a main, fully glazed facade to the South.

South means extreme heat on the Costa Brava in summer time. So protecting the inside spaces from the sunlight, and preventing people from cooking inside becomes mandatory. And, last but not least, the whole family should live on one same level, without that meaning a too large floorplan.

Having an anyway a large floorplan would mean finishing off all sqm footprint allowed by council´s regulation. This would leave no roof area available for the porche needed to provide shade over the more than 32 meter long south facade.

Given the circumstances, the only possible solution was to create a set of pivoting shutters that created the idea of a wooden courtain when down (adding a security factor here), but are indeed a massive, pillarless porch. When deployed, shutters only let stripes of sunrays inside, dramatically reducing indoor heating contribution. The trick: it´s a window shutter, not a porch, thus, no sqm accounted ;-)))

We haven´t talked about the north facade. In order to make client forget the beautiful views from the family´s former home, MAGNA DOMUS has a one-only window looking over the sea… A 12 meter long window in four sliding sections. Sliding and disappearing completely, they turn the whole living area into an outdoor space, intimately connecting beautiful Costa Brava and our recently born child. We cannot hide our pride in what we have achieved here. Anyway, should we?



(final photos to come)

Photography: Eugeni Pons