We made it.

Present project shows how much can be made out of an old house. The original villa was a very simple, tile roofed two-storey construction (only the first floor  being in use then) leaning on three main walls, built up on the bare ground, amazingly without any proper foundation.

The ground floor was indeed a semi-basement with no use, and had to be still dug out if wanted to be turned into a livable space. Final solution involved providing old structure with proper foundation, digging basement out so as to provide space for the sleeping area, rearranging whole upper floor layout, turned into an only-space living area, with a newly attached kitchen volume, and substituting old tile roof for a magnificent terrace roof with views over Begur´s Beach of Sa Riera.

Regarding façade finishes, all window gaps were enlarged, and new black stone cladding was used on every new volume added to the original structure, to avoid aesthetical restrictions at council, as, according to municipality regulations, any extension done to white villas in Begur would mean automatic obligation to paint whole building in a different colour other than white.

I would like to thank my clients Alexandre and Anne for their support, hints and ideas without which final result would be lacking that “tailoring” feature every project should have when coming to something so personal as your own living space.

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