Project: JENS Farm&Pool House on the mountains of Girona, a 730 sqm total floor area complex including an old farm house partly rebuilt by our office, and two built-from-scratch new buildings, the new pool house (with its 60 sqm new pool) and the new instalation building that houses the large infrastructure needed to turn this magnificent property into an energy self supporting complex. Materials chosen are those used by traditional architecture in the area, which guarantees new constructions´s perfect integration with the existing landscape in the large scale, and with the beautiful ancient farmhouse next. A magnificent garden, planted with a mixture of local plants and examples coming from all over the world turns this property into a little piece of paradise.

- Óskar Vélez, architect
  • Client - Lodewijk B. (The Netherlands)
  • Skills/Tools Used - Lots of love and will to develop an energy&supply self-supporting complex
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