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(pushing beyond the conventional)

This is one of our new, on-going projects at the moment at VelezCarrascoArquitecto.

Also located in Begur (yes, we only like building on nice spots), on the Costa Brava, our client has requested from us the construction of a holiday home that comes to be a reflection of his character, his chasing of the different, but still logical result of a process, that he applies always when doing construction business in his homeland.

The house should be an interacting-with-its-surroundings construction, visually strong enough to stand out of the green as a powerful object, but still perfectly integrated, following the hill´s slope, and, at the same time, chasing the best possible views the plot where it sits on can offer.

We at VelezCarrascoarquitecto are very proud to say we think we have achieved our client´s requests on paper. Now it is time for all of us to see what the real thing will be. We are pretty sure it´s going to happen the way we want it to happen.

Time will learn.

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Reformas y diseño de interiores

I just can´t have enough of these guys, after HOWA, we are building NK1 together again...

«A bit later after HOWA was finished, the new NK1House client had seen it, and loved it, not only the concept itself, but also the caring, to-the -tiniest-detail way it had been built. Therefore it was his choice to have HOWA´s team involved in the construction of his new home on the Costa Brava.

Whenever you reader want to build any construction, you should take care that not only your architect meets the standards you deserve. The people who will be in charge of the its physical construction should keep that same level of professionality.

This is what it´s all about here. And we try it again, and again…»

-Óskar Vélez, architect

Manel Jaén,  started a little construction company in 1983. Throughout the years DaroLaBisbal has become a middle sized construction company that, besides following new technologies, it also aims at bringing education, teaching the carry-outs of all kind of building tasks to the younger generations.

It is this compromise with your own profession that keeps me amazed, in these times when everything needs to run fast, Manel and his company are willing to do things right in first place, but also in time. Just what I want for my projects. And what my clients deserve.

(Click on the picture to access DaroLaBisbal´s website).

Xavier Vinyoles i Compta, building engineer during the project´s execution process and responsible for its accuracy. 

What I like so much about Xavier is that when things seem to come to a no-way-out point, he is always able to drag an out-of-the-blue solution, usually a mix of technique together with rational creativity, that allows as to go on, and often make project better.

He is the one who´s able to bring this architect´s crazy ideas into something realistic and acceptable for the client.

I expect a lot from him while building NK1House. The thing is that this is a safe bet.