JENS Farm&Pool House is one of the most challenging orders taken by our office. Work commissioned was a pool area at an old farm located close to one of the most outstanding natural parks in the country, La Garrotxa, including a main building that would house usual summertime activities around the pool, but also become owner´s self summertime house if wished so.

Council´s regulations on building matters would define the sort of materials to be used on the outside: local stone, old tiles on the roof were main features. The volume built has a combination of straight lines and organic shapes, with a large ratio curved corner at the back that shows the entrance to the farm&pool house complex.

The pool house was designed inside as a one-only space of around 130 sqm, with a 16 meter long window overlooking the pool and the breathtaking valley views behind it.

Apart from the usual design and program condition, there was a very difficult request from the client that needed to be achieved: the whole complex should be energy and supply self supporting and eco-friendly. In order to provide property with such feature, a massive engineering infrastructure runs underneath the ground where the complex sits upon, an inmense network of pipes and wires gathering rain water, taking it to vessels where it will be purified, geothermal systems warming pool and domestic use water up, wiring power from the solar panel and battery system….

The ancient farmhouse wouldn´t escape our hands either. Outside facades were totally refurbished, and an old barn, only part of the building remaining without works from the previous owner, was turned into a three bedroom guest apartment.

I´m proud enough to say here that after the whole project was finished, the client decided to move permanently to the pool house and make of it his first home among other properties the family owns around the world. The owners of this little piece of paradise where I was allowed to build proved to have an unbeatable will to carry this project out, and showed a priceless patience when sometimes things  seemed to turn up just too difficult to go ahead. Without their skills to cope with the expected and the unexpected, this project would have never come true. My gratitude to both of them from me.

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