Folie! This is possibly the most challenging project I have faced till now. Unfortunately, different circumstances have prevented us from carrying this little crazy thing out. That was a pity, this is one of those (rarely popping out) uninhibited projects that makes you feel alive as a professional. Even if failed, I consider it so interesting I won´t restrain myself from showing it on my website.

The client commissioned me the renovation of this holiday house built using prefab specifications in the early 80´s, under what we could call an «old cottage revival style». It could not get any more difficult, such a closed, defined architecture, built up in an also closed construction system.

The task would include a possible extension to make a garage and a fifth bedroom, which would fefinitely mean expanding the building in different directions beyond its current boundaries.

How should I proceed then?. It wasn´t possible to use the specific panels from the original construction system, far too back in time, so in order to extend the house the only possible solution I could think of was to literally cut the old building, create a concrete main wall that would hold those old floors and at the same time be the boundary between the old and the new.

The result is the architecture version of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tale by R.L. Stevenson, a mixture of agro-charm and compromise-less modern lines.

I would like to specially thank Xavier Vallejo from Sinergo Engineering for these fantastic 3D impressions that show this unfortunately failed project.

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