A bit of history, a tiny manifesto

Dear reader,

Welcome to my website. My name is Óskar Vélez Carrasco. I am an architect born in the Basque Country in 1974, had my university studies at the ETSAUN-Universidad de Navarra, from 1992 until 1999.

After that period I worked in Barcelona (previously having to choose between this amazing city and Porto, in Portugal), where I had my first real life encounters with the profession. There I was involved in the construction of those large and  massive structures of hospitals, office buildings, even golf court headquarters!

However, being involved in such enormous constructions (I´ll be always grateful to my bosses then for the expertise achieved) learnt me that one of the most rewarding parts of this discipline was the eye-to-eye contact with the client.

Unfortunately, it was very seldom that I was allowed to participate in the work meetings with our customers, that part being held by (for obvious reasons) our bosses then.

I always thought it the best part of my profession to talk and share thoughts with those people who were to be making use of the architect´s creation. And that was one of the main reasons why after my period as big office employee, I

decided to leave and create my own firma as an architect.

As an architect, but most of it all as a CRAFTSMAN, with capital letters. My concept of the profession is to be in charge of the whole process since customers walk in my office until they receive their main door´s key.

That and facing the challenge of building the project hand in hand with the client, sharing good and bad moments together.

That close relationship with my clients (they call me directly on my number, no bodyguard secretaries who never put you through the person who you really want to talk to) provides my projects with that tailored, specifically-made-for-the-client feature all of them show. A feature I´m particularly proud of.

In my world of design, every project must be different from the previous ones, yet, it should still accomplish those conditions I consider compulsory in any succesfully carried out project, that is, daylight use, space efficiency, maximum outdoor views exploitation, indoor circulation logic, and last but not least, integration of building object in its ground, in the smaller scale, and in the general landscape, in the biggest one.

The importance of language

Language has an enormous importance in terms of communication. This may sound obvious, but, actually, there is much more than only words when you want to establish a close relationship with someone (your architect) whose decisions and therefore its consequences will last years long. And, besides, with your money involved.

Most of my customers along my career have been foreigners, specially those coming from The Nederlands, United Kingdom and Germany. This has allowed me to get to know my clients´culture, sense of humor, and, finally, how to say or explain things in the right way.

Such knowledge usually helps the process of building a project run smooth for everybody. Being an English and Dutch speaking architect I become also the nexus between client and builder when builder is no fluent in foreign languages, which gives also some extra relief to customers when coming to discussion about project.

On this website I´m showing you some of my best preferred projects. Not all of them are shown here, having worked on projects located all along the Costa Brava, in places like Begur, Pals, Calella de Palafrugell, Sant Feliú de Guìxols, Platja d´Aro, L´Escala, Santa Cristina d´Aro, Sagaró, Llafranc, Girona and, beyond the Costa Brava, in Barcelona and Zaragoza.